Texas currently offers a number of services online.

  • The Texas Department of Information Resources manages the state’s online portal, Texas.gov.
  • Texans already use Texas.gov for a variety of governmental functions, including to renew their driver’s license and to apply for a concealed handgun license.

Texas.gov uses a secure system to confirm a user’s identity.

  • In order to confirm that a person is who he or she claims to be, Texas.gov checks multiple pieces of information against a Department of Public Safety database, including the person’s:
    • Driver’s license number;
    • Birthday;
    • Last four digits of his or her Social Security Number; and
    • Driver’s license audit number.
  • This system is so highly regarded that some local and state agencies use it as an alternative to using a notary.

Texas.gov uses multiple strategies to safeguard its system against cyberattacks.

  • Texas.gov uses the same standards that major credit card companies like Mastercard, Visa, and American Express use to protect customer information.
  • Texas.gov uses multiple defense strategies to safeguard against cyberattacks, such as:
    • Testing its own system to identify and resolve potential issues;
    • Having third parties evaluate its systems and make recommendations to improve its security; and
    • Monitoring for emerging threats and then implementing preventive actions as necessary.

Texas is ready to safely and securely implement Online Voter Registration.

  • State officials are confident that they could run a safe and secure Online Voter Registration system.