Texas’ current voter registration system is expensive.

  • Under the current system, county officials spend time and money serving as middlemen in the voter registration process. Now, after an applicant has entered information on a paper registration application, county officials re-enter that information into the county’s electronic system.
  • During election season, the need to quickly process a huge number of new voter registration applications forces counties to hire and train temporary workers to re-enter information an applicant has already provided. To illustrate: Travis County usually receives more than 200,000 applications in a presidential year — about half of which come in the two months right before the election.
  • Over the past three years, Texas has reimbursed the state’s 10 most populous counties more than $3 million for temporary workers to help process paper voter registration applications.

Online Voter Registration saves money.

Online Voter Registration could cut unnecessary costs and save money in Texas.