Texas’ current voter registration system jeopardizes the accuracy of voter files.

  • The current system forces county officials to spend time and money hiring temporary middlemen to take information an applicant has already entered on a paper application and re-enter it into an electronic database.
  • Using a middleman to re-enter information makes it more likely that information will be accidentally omitted or misspelled, leading to incomplete and inaccurate voter files.

Texas’ current voter files are incomplete and inaccurate.

  • According to the Texas Secretary of State, millions of voter registrations in Texas lack a driver’s license number and/or a full Social Security number.
  • There are no reliable state-level statistics available for exactly how many Texas registrations are inaccurate, but nationally about one in eight registrations is significantly inaccurate or no longer valid. If Texas has a similar level of inaccuracy, that could amount to as many as 1.6 million inaccurate registrations.

Online Voter Registration improves voter files.

  • Online Voter Registration improves voter file completeness and accuracy by:
    • Cutting out the middleman and allowing applicants to directly enter their personal information for county officials to review;
    • Immediately checking to ensure that an application is complete before it is submitted to county officials; and
    • Requiring applicants to meet a higher standard for confirming their identity than they do with paper applications.

Texas is ready for Online Voter Registration and an improved voter registration system.