Texas Spent Over $17 MILLION to Register Texas Voters

The Travis County Tax Office has produced an informative video on the “costly, long, and tedious process” of registering voters with outdated paper applications.

Each of those registrations cost $1.25 in Travis County, although this figure is lower than average. Altogether, this costs the state and counties over $17 million to register the state’s 14+ million voters.

The video highlights numerous “errors” found on applications. At least one in eight paper applications has an error like a missing signature or no listed address. Online applications could eliminate these errors by requiring users to complete the form entirely before submitting.

The video also recognizes a major problem with DPS’ online driver’s license renewal form which asks applicants if they wish to register to vote, yet does not submit that information to the counties. This misinformation leads users to wrongly believe they have registered to vote. Those people could then show up to the polls and be denied their right to vote because they are not listed on the voter rolls. This exact issue has lead to a lawsuit against the State of Texas.

Travis County had to hire 15 temporary workers to handle “stacks and stacks” of paper applications in the months leading up to the 2016 election.

Watch the process in the video below: